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09 oktober 2009

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Greek Eastern.
For the Greek, Eastern (Pascha) is the most important feast of the year, even more important than Christmas.
On good Friday the EMITjIOV with stiched flowsers and decorations of the burial of Christ is being presented in a procession and carried around.
Laments are being hear on good friday.
The Church is fully dresses for the upcoming event.





Saturday, just before midnight is the great moment.
H ANASTASH, the ressurection
The sermon starts _______
In the meantime they are collection outside branches to burn"JUDAS".

Some time later the priest comes outside with all the believers,
ready to call out ANASTASI.


Exactly at midnight it is time for:
H ANASTASH, the ressurection.


The fire is being lit and anyone who wants can right the bell, because
JEZUS is rissen!    


Now it;s time for the Tsourekia and Koulourakia and of course the painted eggs.




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