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09 oktober 2009

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Info about Greece.

Usefull information:
Passport: You must have a valid passport or identity papers. This must be valid until 3 months after the visit to Greece. You don't need a visum when you don't stay longer than 3 months.

Healt: No vaccinations are needed. But for more recent information we advise you to consult your local docter or medical center.
Methods of payment: You can pay with Euro's in Greece. IN the larger cities you find (almost) always ATM machines or else there is a bank or post office.
Credit Cards: Credits cards are being accepted, but the possiblities to use them are limitied (depending on the location). Traveller cheques are being accepted almost everywhere.
Local time: In greece it is 1 hour later than in the Netherlands.
Water from the tap:
At some islands water can be drank from the tap, but it is being advised to by bottles of water.
Language: The people speak in general English and German. Only the older greek people speek only greek. But with hand-and-feet work a lot can be accomplished.They like it very much when you try to learn some Greek words. Greek people like little children. Don't be suprised when a greek person strikes you kids hair or like someone did with our son, suprises him a big shell.
Electricity: In Greece the voltage is 220V, just like in the netherlands.

Food and drink:
The food is Greece is never hot.This is a greek custom, and goes back to the time that people did not have their own oven, but uses the general oven of the village. And as you might guess, the food gets cold on the way home. So it came luke-warm on the table. In Greece you can obviously eat greek food (recommended) but also maar ook pizza´s, spaghetti, and frence frites ( today also with mayo) etc. etc. In Greece you can drink great wine. Try for instance Retsina (tast a little like albast) and for the dessert wine a Samos liquore. And when you like something strong there is Ouzo - Raki or a Metaxa.

Population: The population of Greece is not largen than 10.000.000 people. More than half of then lives abroad. Mainly in Africa - Australia - America. The most part of the people live in Athenes, the other cities, and the remainder distributed over the Islands.

Dutch Embassy:

The address of the Dutch Ambassee of Greece (Nederlandse Ambassade in Griekenland) is:

Leof. Vass. Konstantinou 5-7
106 74 Athens
Phone: + 30 10 7239701-4
Fax: + 30 10 7248900
Emergency phone:
(after office hours) +30 94 64 60 600

De openings times of the Dutch ambassee:

Office hours mo to fr 08:00 am - 3:00pm
Visit hour mo to fr 09:00am - 12:00am

Mobile phone contact on duty outside office hours
(emergy only) +30 94 64 60 600

The Ambassee is closed on Saturday, Sunday and back holidays.



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