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09 oktober 2009

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Information about Kos Island.          

Kos belongs to the Dodekanesos group of islands

Kos is, next to Rhodos and Karpathos, the biggest island of the Dodekanesos group.
Kos has about 17.000 inhabitants, about half of them live in the Capital City Kos.


It is possible to use ATM's in Kos (Using your bank or giro card).

The largest source of income is the tourist industrie, but also agriculture, especially growing Wine, Olives and Citrus is the largest source of income.
On this groups of islands it stays nice and warm until late autumn.
Kos has also a real international airport, called "Hippocrates"

Kos City was destroyed in 1933 by an earthquake. As a result of this earthquake a lot of old discoveries have been made of things that where lost for years and years.
These sites have been reconstructed by the Italians.

Kos citiy has a very nice Harbour. During the day you can take the ferry (sailing boot) to the other islands, and also into Turkey.


At night this harbour city changes into a busy center.


You can have diner everywhere, just stroll along the boulevard, or do some shopping.
There are also disco's and café's

Naklirou, de café street is enlightened by night by many lights and laser beams. The road goes also along the old ruins, like the Agora's that where exposed after the earthquake of 1933.
There still even is the mosaic floor in tact.


On this floor you find Orpheus and Heracles etc..
In the night you find the kids play a game of soccer there.
Also the citizens oversee this place from their balconies.


Not far from there you can find the Hippocrates plataan tree,
which is suppost to be planted around ± 2400 years ago by Hippocrates,
But in fact this tree is only about ± 565 years old.
You can find the plataan on the Plateía Platánou.


The Johannieter Castle is dated from the 16th centurie. This castle prospected the Greeks against the Turks. It is very nice to walk around here, you can also see the city of Kos very well.

The roman ruines are also called Casa Romana, en there where just 3 swimmingpools and about 26 rooms. Here you see the mosaic with many cat-like animals as well as dolfins. The old theater is called Odeion.
The seats are made of marmer and where reserved for the elite. The other people had to use the seats made of calc stone.

Kos is also a very nice city to go shopping, go food, and just like anywhere else, it is a bit more expensive to eat in the harbour area than in the streets a little away from the harbour.
We have had a very good meal at the restaurant/ Tavern Filoxenia.


The first time we where on Kos island, we stayed in the city of Tigaki, a very well now bathing area with very nice beaches and clean watter. Tigaki even won the Blue flag for this at some point in time.


From our appartement we could see the Alikés - Saltbassins. This is a saltwater lake. Early spring turtles can be found here, but in the summer the lake dries up.
Then it a very good place to see birds.
In 1999 there wasn't an  ATM in Tigaki ,
But these days It is possible. At the restaurant TAKA TAKA MAM you find an ATM
This is very close to the fountain on the beach.
Tigaki has a lot of nice little shops, you can have good diner here, and there is a big supermarket.


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