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09 oktober 2009

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Information about us

In 1986 we went to Greece for the first time. We went to  CORFU,
this is a beatifull green island (see the photo album).
We also vistited PAXOS and ANTIPAXOS.

The year after that we went to SAMOS (see the photo album).

After this we went for 3 weeks to KRETA.
We read that was a big island, but did not know it was SO big!!!
We are sorry we could not see everything.
So we decided to visited the west part around Rethimnon this time.
Durinmg this trip we went to SANTORINI gegaan (see the photo album).

The year after this we went to the east part around Iraklion and could see another part of Kreta ( see photo album).
Including SPINALONGA (see photo album).
During this holiday we had in the netherlands a flight book through Olympic Airways from Iraklion to Athene and visa vers (see photo album).
What a great experience to be about the greeks themself.
We where quite addicted to Greece by that time.

Then we selected the Island of KOS. This Island is really our big favourite now.
This year we went to this Island for the 3rd time!
From there we visited the Islands of NISYROS, KALYMNOS and PSERIMOS.
(see photo album).
This year we are really lucky. We first go to KEFALLONIA.
This year the Island PATMOS is on our wish list.



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